World map poster with pins – Multi color palette


Looking to add a touch of adventure to your home or office? Check out Pin Adventure Map premium quality World poster maps! All of our posters are made with the highest quality materials and accurate geographical information.

Plus, we use FSC certified paper so you can feel good knowing that your purchase is helping to protect the environment. And what’s more fun than mapping out your travels with push pins?

Whether you’re plotting your next big trip or just dreaming of places you’d like to go, our poster maps are a great way to add a touch of wanderlust to your décor. So why not pick one up today? Your walls (and your sense of adventure) will thank you!

32 x 24 inches
40 x 30 inches
53 x 40 inches
Rolled Poster
All Ports
Quarter Spanish
Wild Sand
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Geographical information

Whether you are a great traveler or just about to start your travel adventures, this world push pin map will inspire you to travel, feel, and experience more of this beautiful planet we live in.

  • Geographically accurate, up-to-date world map
  • Designed together with a cartographer
  • Easily locate all countries, states, capitals, major cities, lakes, rivers, seas, mountains, etc.

New Feature: Choose the map content – either a political map, a map with UNESCO heritage points, or an inspiring map with Must-Visit travel destinations. 


Every travel story is unique, so are these world travel wall arts. Be a designer of your own map and personalize it with a banner of quote.

To add personalization to your travel map with pins select the “Banner or Quote” option above.
You can choose our given quotes or create your own unique map with the quote that genuinely expresses your traveler’s spirit.
You will receive a digital preview of your personalized travel map with pins to check if everything is correct.

Here you can see some of the most inspiring examples from our clients. But for more detailed information you can visit our blog post about map personalization and get back to your order.

Great gift idea

Inspiring, well-designed, and overall – perfect!

If you are willing to impress someone special – this will be an excellent way to show them love with this premium handmade world travel pinboard map.

Give a daily inspiration to your loved ones for a birthday, for a wedding, for a young traveler, or any other special occasion. Perfectly designed and beautifully wrapped – this map is ready to inspire!

Choose a gift wrap by selecting the “Gift wrap” option above and we will do the rest.

Be 1% better

Our mission is to inspire people worldwide to travel, feel, and experience more of this beautiful planet we live in. And to keep it beautiful as it is, we have been involved in acting to preserve our planet. 

So each of you donates 1% of every map price to organizations that can do a real job on tackling climate change. Like reducing CO2 emissions, cleaning the oceans, and planting trees in rainforests. As there isn’t a “planet B”, with each map you buy you give back the most important thing on the planet – love & compassion.

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Pin Adventure Map


Pin Adventure Map

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