Personalize Your World Travel Map 

Every traveler has its own remarkable story, which deserves to be pinned on a personalized world travel map. A map that is uniquely your own. Therefore, being travelers ourselves, we know how meaningful a personalized travel map can be. So we created one!

Actually, more than one – World, Europe, and United States travel maps with astonishing customization options that are easy to follow and exciting to make. Almost like a new adventure on its own.

Personalize your World Travel map by adding a Banner or Quote

Let’s start with the custom part!

To make your personalized map for travelers, you have to follow some easy steps:

  • Choose the map content on your favorite design – World, USA, Europe;
  • After that, choose the maps making technique – Canvas, Framed, Poster or Mounted Poster;
  • Select the size and color push pins to mark all your travels.
  • Choose the banner or quote style and we will do all the rest.

Design a banner for your US Travel Map

Here comes the fun part! You can leave the banner as it is with our already added text, or you can add your personalization. Here the only limit is your imagination. Whether you want to display your name, personalize it for your family, or make it a meaningful present for a loved one. Our designer will help you make your map of the United States exactly as you want.

Add an inspirational quote

Sometimes less is more, and a simple quote to your world travel map pin board can be the “cherry on top.” If a banner with names is not really your thing, a quote will be a fantastic way to make your map more personal. Also, this will be an excellent gift idea for a passionate traveler, for a wedding, birthdays, and other anniversaries. Moreover, it can definitely help all your travel goals come true by creating a real travel dream board.

Feeling Inspired? Start tracking your travels now