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Our everyday choices have a massive impact on our planet — we choose to be 1% Better.

Pin Adventure Map company’s mission is to inspire people worldwide to travel, feel, and experience more of this beautiful planet we live in. But as we take a lot of resources from the Earth, we must protect it even more. So we choose to be involved with donations to organizations that do a real job to preserve our world and support responsible businesses.


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1% For the Planet — a global movement.

1% For The Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions. Members of this movement have given back more than $265 million to the environment. They advise on giving strategies, they certify donations, and they amplify the impact of their network.

By choosing our products you will support our mission to preserve the planet.

Together, we're taking responsibility for the environment.

We believe that this is not simply a movement of money toward a worthy cause. It is also us taking responsibility for the environment. It is also conscious consumers like you who support our mission by choosing our products. Therefore, when you decide to shop from a “1% For The Planet” business member, you become part of a global movement giving back to the planet.

Together, we can set an example.

Since we became members of “1% For The Planet” movement and thanks to you guys, we all together donate 1% of our total income every year for worthy organizations and their goals.

We can’t change human minds, but we can set an example. And that is what we think the world needs today – a damn good example of amplifying the impact of doing good.

Every. Single. Day.

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