About us

How did it start?

It all started seven years ago when two founders Andris and Martins met and decided to open a printing workshop offering visual reproductions for art pieces, posters, illustrations and other things. Now it’s a creative full-service fine art print studio and a one-stop shop destination.

In 2016 after returning from a one-month travel adventure in Brazil, Martin started to look for a travel map where to track travels and hang it on the wall. To his surprise, he couldn’t find any good options.  There were few similar travel maps available, but they did not offer the chance to customize and personalize the offer, or the option was poorly designed. Furthermore, the quality, he thought was not there: “you just can’t put something like that on the wall and even if you did, it will not last very long!”

So they decided to make one themselves. To create a travel map, for which you can choose the printing technique, color, frame styles and sizes. So the inspiration for Pin Adventure Map was born, and now we offer travel maps that are made by travelers for travelers.

Since the launch of Pin Adventure map in 2016, we proudly have inspired more than a thousand travelers in over 130 countries. Our customers are using Pin Adventure Map in various ways, as a travel planner, past travel tracker or as an impressive home decor element with the ability to provoke enjoyable conversations about travel.

So, why choose Pin Adventure map?

Because we care! We care about our planet, what and how we make travel maps and most importantly – we care about You!

Our values are plain and simple:

  • Creative with designs we offer;
  • Confident about the quality and
  • Honest about us and our products.
  • Helpful our friendly customer service will listen and help you

When ordering from us, you will receive, excellent customer service, and a product with a guarantee of the quality.  There are many more reasons why you should choose us. But we genuinely believe that the greatest value is that these maps are made by travelers for travelers, and our customers or fellow travelers are continuously reassuring us that we are on the right track.

Pin adventure map team



Co-founder and CEO

Martin is using Pin Adventure map himself. His travel chores include one large trip a year and short weekend getaways.



Co-Founder & VP

Andris is the heart of operations and a fine art printmaker. His travel chores are to be with nature so he goes for hikes whenever and wherever he can.




Austris has joined the team with experience in architecture and woodwork. His eagle eye will not let any detail slip past him.



Customer service & Design

Her name states she’s the “one who hears” customers and makes sure every traveler is satisfied and ready for adventures!



Help & Quality control

Just as the rest of the team, he enjoys travelling. He is especially excited about hikes in the forest and nature. He is also our packaging material durability tester. woof-woof! 🙂

Get in touch with Pin Adventure map

Sometimes travel map gets lost somewhere in the world while traveling to the customer. So here is a quick link, where you can check where is your order now.