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About us

About us
We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.

How it all started

After looking at alternatives

Let’s imagine that you are in Brazil – experiencing one of your amazing travel adventures for a whole month. You get to know local customs, meet with local people, and go sightseeing in, oh, so many remarkable places. You shoot and film plenty and even more pictures. So you could capture this adventure as it was as great as you want it to be, not only as a brief reminder in your computer’s hard disk or a few social media posts. But also as your unique travel wall art in front of your eyes, every day.

Frame for push pin map

Searching for a perfect product

Designed to be versatile

So I – Martin, founder of the Pin Adventure map – was so filled with these travel impressions that I came to this excellent idea – I wanted to put all my travels on one good-looking world map. So when I returned to everyday life, I searched for a map that can do exactly that – remind me of my travels and inspire me to plan new destinations in front of my eyes every day. Why map? Well, first of all – I love maps. But secondly, a world map is the only place where you can track all your travels – past, present, and future.

As there wasn’t that kind of map that fulfilled my expectations, I started to work on my own unique travel map.

Simplicity in design and form

Enter Pin Adventures!

The central concept is based on three pillars.

  • Design. After plenty of research in color harmonies and interior trends, we came up with various designs.
  • Usability and content. So it’s not just a little reflection of the map, but a map with up-to-date content created together with cartographers using GIS technologies.
  • Quality. We were pretty confident about our quality standards to create a push pin world map at a premium level. As a team, we have perfected our skills as printmakers to a professional and creative full-service fine-art print studio since 2010.
Moving Toward Sustainability

More than just a map

More than just a map with content, more than just a modern design push pin travel map with pins. More than any other regular product with sustainable philosophy and action on the climate crisis we live in today.

Yes, this is what Pin Adventure map is about since 2019 – doing the right thing to preserve our planet and all those amazing places around the world. Since 2019 we are proud members of the global movement 1% For The Planet, and together with each of our customers, we have planted more than 500 trees, reduced CO2 by tons, and many more worthy actions to give back to the planet.

These values are shared collectively in the Pin Adventure map team, and we continuously work on ways to do it even better and with a more significant impact.