8 Things to Keep you Entertained While Staying at Home

With social distancing and staying safe at home, you no longer have the opportunity to travel with friends, go out for dinner or enjoy a good movie in the cinema. Well, yes, it is true, but no worries – there are many more “stay at home activities” you still CAN do.

We have found interesting ways to keep you inspired even during this isolation period. Make the best of your stay-at-home days, continue reading this interesting article to find options to keep yourself entertained. These fun stay-at-home activities are sure to keep you engaged.

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1. Find a new hobby or enjoy an old one

During the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often forget to enjoy the little things.

Whether it’s art and craft or reading a good book, it’s time to recoup with your hobby.

For art inspiration, use Pinterest or YouTube tutorials and for book recommendations, check out good reads.

2. Learn a new skill

Haven’t you always had a bucket list of things you would do, if you had enough time from your busy lifestyle?

Well, now is the time. From cooking to a new language, keep your brain engaged with online classes and seminars.

Our favorites are Skillshare and Udemy.


3. Stream a good watch

Grab your favorite bowl of ice cream, popcorn or whatever floats your boat, and enjoy streaming all the good shows you’ve been meaning to watch.

This is the time to enjoy binge-watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

4. Listen to educational podcasts

If you are not one of those individuals who enjoy reading, then podcasts are your go-to. Enjoy informative and interesting podcasts or something entertaining.

It’s a great way to learn more about a topic you love and inspire you to think, or even come up with some great ideas for yourself!

5. Explore museums at the comfort of your couch

Don’t hold back on your travel plans, explore museums around the world at the comfort of your home.

Google Arts & Culture is now providing virtual museum tours and visibility to online exhibits. There’s no better way to enjoy your time off while staying at home. Also, you can read one of our articles 11 Way To Travel From Home, where we have collected 11 unique and mind-blowing virtual tours and ways to see the world while staying safe at home.

6. Video chat with friends and family

Social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to become socially isolated. Keep in touch with your friends and family using group chats and video calls.

There are several online tools including Facetime, SkypeGoogle Hangouts and Zoom to help you stay connected with your loved ones.


7. Stay fit at home

Don’t compromise on your 2020 fitness goals while staying at home.

Try some of the home workouts recommended by the fitness gurus to stay healthy. If you do not know where to start, here are a few creative ways while staying safe at home to start your home workout routine at home via YouTube.

8. Home gardening or redecorating your space

If you enjoy being outdoors and a bit of re-decorating, the weather is ideal to get on with some home gardening.

Why not practice your inner gardener and plant some fruit, vegetables and pretty flowers on your balcony or backyard?

This is a great opportunity to keep your little ones engaged too.

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If this is not enough to keep you going for a few months, this time can also be used as an opportunity to update your home décor.

Add a touch of art to showcase your love of travel with Push Pin World map or paint some walls to add more accents to your interior.

With science advancing at a faster pace, we hope that normalcy is just around the corner. Hence, this stay-at-home time may not return anytime soon, so don’t forget to make the most of your time with these stay-at-home activities.

Stay home, stay inspired and most of all stay safe.


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