How can I track my order?

You will receive the tracking number in an email which we send when the order is shipped out.

With this tracking number, go to track-trace .

How long does the delivery take

Delivery time depends on the speed of delivery you select when you place an order. We offer three shipping services. You can select them at checkout and approximate delivery time will be displayed. For detailed information, please visit shipping information page

Why do you need my phone number?

We need your phone number, so the courier could contact you and deliver the package faster to you personally.

What are the conditions of the return?

Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value. More detailed information

I added the wrong shipping address to the order, what should I do to fix it?

Just contact us within 24 hours from the purchase to change the shipping address.

I want to send map as a gift, can you please do not include the invoice?

Yes, we can send it as a gift without an added invoice, just let us know.

I was not at home when the package was delivered, how can I receive it?

If the recipient is not at home during the delivery, they will leave an invitation or will contact you by phone. You can pick up the package at the local post office.

How long time it takes before the package is sent back to you in case I haven’t took it from the post office?

The package should be held at post office up to 1 month from the receiving.

What’s included with my order of the travel map?

When you order push pin travel map, you will receive everything you need to start pinning your adventures right away.

You will get a detailed travel map of your chosen colors, banner and technique (on canvas or framed travel map), that is ready to be hung on the wall. We also include 90 free push pins of your chosen colors from 6 options.

Learn more about Pin Adventure map

How do i care for my travel map?

Travel maps we make can easily last over 100+ years if they are properly cared for and it doesn’t take much to care for them.  Dusting your travel map is about all you  should have to do every few years. Here are some basic guidelines for taking care of your canvas ravel map or framed travel map.

Hanging Your travel map

  • All travel maps are made to be hung inside a temperature controlled environment.
  • Never hang your map outside, in areas of high humidity, or near any heat source.
  • Our travel maps come with 2-3 coats of special varnish that adds a tough and flexible layer of protection.  This varnish also provides protection from fingerprints and UV rays, but if the canvas is placed in direct sunlight the ink and canvas itself will eventually fade over time.

Handling Your travel map

  • Please make sure that you clean your hands before using the travel map
  • Do not place anything on top of the map or lay your map with the front facing down.
  • Try not to poke or press down on the map because you could leave an impression that might not go away.

Cleaning Your travel map – Never use any chemical cleaners to clean your map.

  • Your map will pick up dust over time. You can gently wipe the dust off with a clean, soft, dry cloth. You can also use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to get rid of any dust on the surface of the map.
  • If your map is located in a heavily trafficked area, it will probably pick up a little more dirt/dust  than usual. You can easily clean the map by  lightly dampening a clean cloth with water and gently wiping the surface and sides of the map and frame.
  • To remove splashes just wipe very gently with a lightly damp soft cloth.  Do not rub your map too hard or continuously in the same areas because you could damage the protective coating and the ink.

Travel map on canvas.

Since canvas is made from cotton, your travel map on canvas can expand and contract in areas where the temperature fluctuates excessively.  The stretcher bars that your canvas is wrapped around could also warp in areas of high humidity.

If you notice that your canvas is starting to loosen up and sag, you can try the following:

  • Spray an even,  fine mist of clean water or distilled water on the back of the canvas map. The canvas should tighten up when it dries.
  • If the canvas starts to sag excessively, you might need to have the canvas re-stretched.

If you follow these basic guidelines, your travel map should last many generations.

How do I change or cancel my order?

If you have made an order by mistake or any other reason and want to cancel or change the order, please contact us with your request within 24 hours of purchase.

Can you provide me with a VAT receipt?

Yes we can. If additional to order receipt you need a VAT receipt/invoice please contact us and we will include VAT invoice in your order and also send it via email.

Contact us if you require invoice

How much are the custom duties and taxes for my order?

Customs policies vary widely between countries. Please contact your local customs office for further information. For other information about import taxes as well as taxes in general in your country, please feel free to Contact us.

How can I order personalised pin travel map?

Just follow these simple ordering steps:

Learn more about purchase process

What are the customization options?

You can customize the map printing technique, size, color, banner and the banner text, push-pin colors or create an entirely customized map.

Does the customization add extra expenses for me?

Default customization is included in the price. Fully custom maps price depends on the complexity of the customization process. Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more.

How many times can I change the custom options for my map, without paying extra?

You can make up to 3 changes to the map.

Will I see my map before it is printed?

Yes, we will send you a preview picture before we print the map.

Does the world poster print comes with a frame?

This listing is for poster print only; the frame is not included with the purchase. If you are looking for framed travel maps, look here

How do I stick the pins on the poster?

In order to stick the pins securely in the poster, you should mount the poster on a foam or cork board. Take a look on this video how to do it.



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