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Tips for Traveling in Europe During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021

Are aromatic vineyards, idyllic islands, cobbled streets, and open-air cafes calling your name? From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the bustling streets of Barcelona, there’s a little something for every traveler in Europe. And if you’re anything like us, you’re eager to get back to safe traveling and put more pins to your push pin travel map. So, we’re here to help you get through some important and useful travel restrictions!

Read it now or save this article for later reading because it contains top tips for safe traveling in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Research is the key for safe traveling.

First things first, you want to begin checking the travel restrictions in the countries or places you want to visit in Europe. While most of Europe is opening up, many countries still have entry restrictions in place. To avoid disappointment, look up the entry requirements as well as the COVID-19 related rules and regulations once you’re at the destination.

For example, some countries allow vaccinated travelers from around the world to travel safe and visit, while others only allow citizens and residents from within the European Union to enter for nonessential purposes.

To avoid quarantine, EU citizens and residents can present their EU Digital Covid Certificate at border control. It works in all EU member states and ensures quarantine-free travel. The EU country that you reside in must issue the certificate, and it would show one of the three: that you’re fully vaccinated, that you have a negative PCR test result, or that you’ve recovered from Covid-19 within the past six months. If you live in the EU, this document makes traveling in Europe during the pandemic much easier.

Learn more about the EU Digital Covid Certificate.

If you’re not already living in Europe, you can still probably travel! Many countries are accepting US travelers and other nationalities as long as they present a negative PCR test or show that they have been fully vaccinated. Some require short quarantines, and many others do not.

Research your destination before booking any travel. Here’s a good resource to get you started.

Expect the unexpected.

The rules to help keep people healthy and safe are continuously changing. You could have your trip planned and your bags ready to go only to be disappointed to discover that your destination has just introduced a curfew or new pandemic-related rules.

While many European countries are easing up their restrictions, keep an open mind that your plans still might change. Check your emails for flight changes and restriction updates, and check the news periodically.

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If you’re fully vaccinated, make sure your vaccine is accepted.

While Covid vaccines like Pfizer are accepted pretty much everywhere, some vaccines might not be recognized in your European destination. Plus, most countries won’t consider you fully vaccinated until two weeks after your final dose.

Use this handy tool to check if your vaccine is accepted in the country you want to visit and travel safe.

Make it an opportunity to see more of one country.

Many who come abroad to travel Europe focus on major highlights like Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome. However, with different rules in every country, it can become a bit complicated or nearly impossible. Make traveling during the pandemic an opportunity to see more of one country! It’s a great excuse to fill your travel map with pins with dozens of new spots. For example, Iceland was full of tourists before the pandemic, but now you can even spend 20 minutes all alone enjoying Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in Iceland.

Plus, slow travel is a more immersive experience and gives you a better chance to connect and get to know a particular city or country. Give it a try!

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Bring extra masks for safe traveling.

Pack your face masks like you do your underwear. Bring one for every day of your trip. If your trip is longer than five days or a week, wash them during your trip so that you have fresh ones ready.

Top tip: Carry an extra face mask in your day pack or purse just in case. You never know when you might drop it or accidentally get it dirty.

Hand sanitizer is your friend.

Most shops and restaurants will have a bottle of hand sanitizer at their entrances, but it’s a good idea to have your own too. Pack a travel-friendly bottle of hand sanitizer that you can easily carry around with you throughout your trip. Always use it before eating or touching your face.

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Enjoy the unique experience and travel safe.

The world is not traveling like it used to. So if you’re able to travel safe, enjoy the fewer crowds, shorter queues, and ability to support businesses that have likely suffered due to the pandemic. Traveling in Europe during the pandemic is still worth it, you just need to be sure you know all travel restrictions!

In the end, traveling is such a marvelous privilege, and if there are restrictions in place, it can still be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Make the most of it! Escape into nature, discover hidden gems, and eat delicious food. Then, come home and update your push pin world map with all the exciting places you visited!

Soon enough you’ll be able to travel a LOT more and put all your dream destinations on your push pin travel map in real life.

Save and share these useful travel tips with your traveling friends! They will appreciate that!

This information is based on the latest research about travel restrictions in Europe and may change in a short time. Keep yourself updated and travel safe!

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